Quotes: C. S. Lewis

(Image taken from Pinterest)

(Image taken from Pinterest)

This is undoubtedly one of my favorite C. S. Lewis quotes, because it so greatly applies to me and my writing.  Nearly every time I sit down and think about Guardian, I can pick out what stories have influenced it.

It usually goes something to the effect of this:

Me: *sits down to think, playing out the storyline in my head*

Me:  Well, that smacks heavily of Heartless…  Pfft, forget Heartless, that sounds like I dug it straight out of the Tales of Goldstone Wood

Me: Oh, and that character right there…  He sounds like he waltzed out of the Thirteenth Tribe

Me: *squints at a particular race of people* And you lot are a really whacked-out combination of the Hunger Games and Starflower…

Me:  And then that character is super cliche…  As is that one…  And maybe that one, too…

Me: That guy is strangely reminiscent of Victor Frankenstein…

Me: *growls*  And significant portions of my plotline look like Boneman’s Daughter…  I can’t believe I let that happen.

Me: *remembers the above C. S. Lewis quote*  Eh.  Who cares?  I love this story!  *goes back to working on it*

I think that that pretty much sums up why I love that quote.


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